Girl rimming a guy, love at first sight.

Girl Rimming Guy, with the beautiful Cristin.

Girl rimming a guy, love at first sight.
Girl rimming a guy, love at first sight.

Nick was a guy who liked to have his ass rimmed by girls regularly.

Nick always had girlfriends who liked sex, but above all he loved girls who loved rimming guys. When chatting a girl in a bar or a club, Nick quickly introduced rimming in the conversation. Most of the girls left at that point, but if a girl admitted to sometimes rimming a guy, Nick would keep her number. On the other hand, if the girl said she liked doing most things with another guy but would never try rimming a guy, Nick would rudely end the conversation, turn away and leave the girl in shock… Nick’s passion for girls rimming guys was just extreme…

Nick kept a secret address book with the names of all the girls he had ever met who loved rimming guys. Some were ex-girlfriends, some were just random girls he met once who openly said they liked rimming guys (Nick called them his ‘rimming buddies’). At night, when his search for the perfect rimming girl led to nothing, he picked a girl’s name from his address book, texted her, visited her apartment and fucked the girl late in the night. The girl knew exactly why he came for and cleaned his ass with passion, sometimes rimming deep inside his anus for hours…

So when Nick first met Cristin at the gym, it was love at first sight. She was on the StairMaster beside him and kept checking his butt, which Nick found a little odd. After all she was tall blonde with an attractive figure and blue eyes. The boys kept looking at her, and even other girls. But beauty didn’t impress Nick and he started chatting Cristin up with some cool remarks about how he always seemed to exercise harder alongside a beautiful girl.

Nick and Cristin connected. Over juice at the gym’s café, Nick and Cristin started chatting. The conversation was flowing and quickly went onto their favourite stories of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. ‘’You know, Cristin said at one point, I have a particular passion for fetish sex.’’ Nick put his drink down and listened carefully. ‘’It started when I was at college and I kept kissing my boyfriend’s back…’’ Nick now felt so excited he could barely speak. “Go on” he said, trying to keep his cool. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, Cristin admitted, but I love kissing certain parts of boy’s bodies and that gets me into trouble… You seem quite open and I thought I’d mention it now.” Nick could hardly contain his excitement. “I understand” Nick just said, playing cool. Finding a girl who loved rimming guys was Nick’s life’s passion. But here and now, his heart was racing and words were not coming out, so instead of confessing his search for the perfect rimming girl, he quickly changed subject… But by the end of the conversation Cristin had already given Nick her email address. The two kissed on the cheeks and Nick left the gym a very happy man.

Nick picked a new cool bar for their first date. After drinks arrived he brought up the subject of kissing guy’s backs again. “Cristin, what you said the other day at the gym really turned me on, you know” Nick said. “I wasn’t expecting to have this sort of conversation at the gym!” Cristin blushed and almost dropped her glass. “No, no, it’s alright, what I meant to say is that I really appreciate you speaking openly to me on this subject. In fact, I too love to be kissed around the… back.” Cristin now looked at Nick straight in the eyes. Nick carried on, now more confidently: “Well, I want to be open with you, I really like you and I have a secret love for being kissed on awkward parts of my body.” Nick feltt Cristin looking at him now and he started feeling hot and sweaty… “What I mean is that I love getting kissed around my back, low low in the back, you know.” Cristin started laughing: “You mean ‘rimming’, right?” “Yes, rimming, rimjob, asslicking, yes” Nick sighed: “Gosh this conversation is going to be much simpler now I can see you know the terms!” They both started laughing like small children… People in the bar were looking on and smiling at those two souls falling in love.

As the conversation developped, Nick explained how he felt when a girl rimmed his ass, or even when another guy;s ass, but above all he said he loved watching a girl rimming a guy on the internet. That made him horny and hard. Feeling slightly exposed, he even admitted he had been looking for that perfect rimming girl for years and, because of this, never had a stable relationship for more than a few weeks. Cristin said she understood, and she was herself a girl who loved rimming guys. Once she rimmed two guys at the time, on another occasion she rimmed two different guys on the same day. But mostly guys felt intimated by her looks and hardly asked her to perform rimming. She too never had a stable relationship because of her secret passion for rimming guys. Nick and Cristin looked at each other and kissed. Nick paid the check and they went two blocks away to Cristin’s apartment.

Cristin put some music on, they kissed with passion and went to Cristin’s bedroom. She came down on Nick, quickly undoing his jeans with great technique, and Nick even wondered how many guys this girl had rimmed over the years, and how many guys this girl had rimmed in this very same bed. Cristin pushed Nick’s legs up, grabbed his balls and gave them a good lick before working her way down onto his anus. Her tongue was incredibly warm and wet and expertly moving up and down his hole. Nick just couldn’t believe how good rimming was with this girl. This girl just knew how to rim a boy. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world right now. Cristin went down a little deeper and started to lick around his asshole, meticulously cleaning the whole area and enjoying every inch of her new man’s butt. Nick was in heaven, if only all girls could be rimming guys this way, surely the world would be a better place!

After sex, Nick asked Cristin “WOW that was something, do you always rim guys like this?” “Not always. Of course, if I like the guy it helps…” says Cristin. “But honestly, I sometimes like rimming guys who look at me in bars and I know I will never see again.” “Oh, says Nick, that’s reassuring to hear!”

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